Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Passion Tea Lemonade

Im not big on coffee but now and then I enjoy indulging at Starbucks with a passion tea lemonade. It is sooo refreshing and hot pink! I decided to try it out myself so that I could safe money and indulge a little more often:)

Brew a cup of passion tea ( I used Tazo. I got a box at Walmart for like 3 dollars.)
Then you need lemonade( Whatever kind you prefer, I just used crystal light.)

Grab a glass of ice pour you tea over it then put and equal amount of lemonade in. It is that easy. No need to mess with sweeteners the lemonade does the trick. Passion tea is naturally caffeine free and since I used crystal light and no extra sweeteners its also sugar free. Hello kid friendly... but I doubt you will want to share lol


  1. Thanks brandi! This is my favorite drink to get from starbucks in the summer. : )

  2. Your welcome! I make the tea in a travel mug so one tea bag makes 2 drinks :) Oh and a tip for everyone: mix just before you drink it store left over tea and lemonade separate. A previous Starbucks employee let me in on that secret.