Friday, December 2, 2011

Go Greek Yo

So slowly but surely I have been trying to eat healthier. I'm in nursing school so everyday its in my face the nutrition plays a role in our health, I have two little ones and its clear to me that they learn primarily from example, and hello tomorrow is my birthday and I am reminded I am getting older and my metabolism will not be good to me forever. My goal is to slowly integrate healthier choices into my diet and I wanted to share a couple easy changes I am making that you may want to consider.

1st is GREEK YOGURT. It taste almost identical to sour cream except its high in protein and low in fat. Such and easy and health switch. When you taste it alone you can taste a slight difference but when you mix it with food you would never know it wasn't sour cream.

Next, don't eat canned veggies. They have oddles of sodium and not much nutrients. I used to think "hmm it's a veggie so its healthy"... read the label they really aren't good I promise. Fresh or frozen is better. I usually do frozen because it is as convenient as a can and not much more expensive.

Try it! I will keep you guys posted on other ideas to eat a little healthier as I continue in my journey to stop eating like a "12 year old fat kid" as one friend described it. lol