Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Valentine Treat

Cajun Injector Deluxe Marinade InjChocolate covered strawberries are the ultimate Valentine's Day dessert. They are easier than you may think and you can put your own spin on them.

What You Need
Chocolate chips in your favorite flavor (dark is mine)
Heavy whipping cream (just a tad)
Your fav alcoholic beverage and a cooking syringe (if you choose to spike them, it's totally optional, I use champagne or vodka)
Wax paper helps but is not a necessity
Strawberries of course :)

What To Do
1. Rinse your strawberries and lay them out to dry. The chocolate will stick much better to dry strawberries.
2. Warm up your chocolate. You can it several ways. I cover the bottom of a sauce pan with heavy whipping cream, bring it to a boil and then stir in my chocolate chips. You can use a double broiler, which does not require heavy whipping cream, if you have one. Some people even use a microwave. Although that technique has never been successful for me.
3. Now you dip your strawberries in chocolate and place them on a plate. If you put wax paper over your plate your strawberries will come out less sloppy.
4. Place them in the fridge to set. For basic chocolate covered strawberries you can stop after step 4  and enjoy.
5. For drunken strawberries you will need a cooking syringe. Simply suck some alcohol in the syringe and inject it into the strawberry through the top. A little goes a long way you don't want them to drip.
6. If you want to decorate your strawberries melt down another shade of chocolate, if you use white you can add food coloring. Then get creative, add swirls, stripes, or polka dots. For the Super Bowl I added football laces so they looked like little footballs. The possibilities are endless.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beer Rinse

So you all know beer can make your waistline thicker and your eyes glassy, but did you know it can do the same things for your hair? If you want shiner hair that feels thicker try a beer rinse. 
What You Need
Just beer :) I am not a beer expert but I hear if you use real hops brewed beer as oppose to chemically altered beer it works better. 
What To Do
  1. Shampoo and condition your hair as normal.
  2. Pour the beer over your hair.
  3. Let it set 5-10 min
  4. Rinse
The body and shine are unfortunately temporary. They will only last until you next wash. On the bright side flat beer works too, this means if you don’t use all your beer you can save it for your next shower. This trick can help you to be less wasteful too. If you leave your beer sitting around for to long on the quickly approaching Super Bowl Sunday, you know what to do with it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DIY Headband

Headbands are so in right now! Which is great because it is an easy way to change up your hairstyle and it is an awesome way to rock 2nd or even 3rd day hair. Headbands, like all diy accessory have endless possibilities. The one I am sharing is one I just finished. It was really simple.

What You Need
  • Iron on patch
  • A small piece of fabric (I am using felt) 
  • Thin stretchy headband
  • An iron

1. Cut your felt just larger than your patch, give yourself some room to work, but too much material makes it hard to maneuver.
2. Place your headband between your patch and your material and then iron on following the instructions of your specific patch.
3. Cut around the edges of your patch so that no material is visible from the outside.
4. Put it on your head and prepare for compliments. :)