Monday, January 24, 2011

DIY Decor

Photo Collage 
I was inspired to do this project by someone I looked up to in high school. She had done a photo collage on a piece of furniture and I thought it was so cool. Years later, when trying to make a house a home on a budget, it came back to mind. I love taking pictures of my kids! They are soo adorable and photogenic too. I have tons of great pictures of them, too many to display at once in frames. The idea of a collage is great because in one piece I can use several pictures. I bought two decorative pictures at the dollar store for $2 each and turned them into beautiful collages of my boys. Here is how :)

What You Need
  • Something to turn into a collage- It can be anything so use what you have or find something inexpensive that fits your need. I am using 2 square wall hangings.
  • Modgepodge Glue- I am using Mate instead of glossy because I think it gives the look of professional photography but many people prefer glossy. Chose the look you like :)
  • Pictures- I am using black and white, I think it gives the collage an elegant touch.

  1. Cut out your pictures and position them as you please on the item you are collaging. If you cut out items to their shape you can fit more pictures on. Doing it that way looks great and really artistic but it is more tedious and time consuming. So I am keeping my pictures cut in squares and rectangles so it is simpler to fit together the pieces of the puzzle. I also like the clean lines. The best part of a diy project is you create it custom to what you like and what works for you, so do it your way. 
  2. Once you have your pictures arranged how you want glue them down with the modgepodge glue.
  3. Now that they are all glued down its time for the important part. You want to go over you entire collage with your glue. Do a thin layer let it dry for 10 min and then repeat. The more layers of glue you add the more your collage looks like one fluid piece of art as oppose to several pieces stuck together.
  4. Once they look as smooth and even as you like they are done.
This is what it looks like when it is wet.