Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Egyptian Beauty

This week like so many others, I opened my fridge to find nearly half a gallon of expired milk. It seems like if I buy a half gallon we use it in two days but if I go for the gallon we always waste some.
If you happen to find your milk expired a couple days ago, or is about to expire don’t pour it down the sink. Pull a Cleopatra and pour it in your tub. Cleopatra was famous for her beautiful skin and milk baths. Try one yourself!

What You Need
olive oil
rose petals
Run a nice hot bath. Pour any milk you have into the bath. You may also add a teaspoon of honey or essential oil like olive oil or jojoba oil. Rose petals will add an element of luxury and is known to soften skin. Use what you have to make the bath your own. Turn the lights down, light a candle, ENJOY! 

Note: When I say expired milk, I mean slightly past the sell by date... Im not sure the exact amount of days past that it is usable. Use your judgement, if it stinks don’t bathe in it. 

Some nonDIY options :)


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