Thursday, January 27, 2011

Colorful Desserts

January hits me hard with birthdays. It seems like minimum, once a week we are having cake or ice cream cake. My wonderful man’s birthday is the 24th by then we are all caked out. This year I decided instead of cake or ice cream I would make him a cheesecake, strawberry is his favorite. So I grabbed a jello no bake cheesecake and some fresh strawberries. As I began to pour the cheesecake filling into the crust my 3 year old looked upset. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he wanted Daddy’s birthday cake to be blue. I replied that it would be red soon because we were going to put strawberries on top. He said “How about red and blue?” 
This picture does the color no justice!
My initial reaction was to think of a reason we could not make the cake red and blue. Then I thought why not. I grabbed the blue food coloring and stirred in a few drops. Suddenly the cheesecake filling became a beautiful light blue. After the cheesecake chilled we added strawberries and red sugar crystals. We wrote a 33 in the middle with red gel icing and the plain strawberry cheesecake I planned was transformed into a colorful nontraditional birthday cake.
It was perfect for us because it did not taste like cake or ice cream cake but it still had the look of a birthday cake. Some of you may be thinking “duh food coloring” but some of you may be like me and that “duh” will be followed by a “How didn’t I think of that?” It is amazing what can happen when you think like a 3 year old simple, creative, and fun! Try adding color to your favorite recipes to bring out your inner child. :)

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